Reflection of indicators that meet labor market requirements in accreditation criteria

The purpose of the research - to analyze the availability of criteria and indicators in the assessment criteria for institutional and program accreditation regarding the consideration of labor market requirements in student preparation of higher education institutions.

The methodology of the research - the qualitative method (legal document analysis) was used and during the research, the state of the reflection of criteria and indicators regarding the consideration of quantitative and qualitative changes in the labor market were analyzed.

The practical importance of the research - based on the international experience, the evaluation criteria implemented by the competent institutions for external quality assurance of higher education institutions direct higher education institutions for making their internal quality assurance policy, action directions and action plan in line with criteria.

The results of the research -  after the analysis, it was determined that the relevant indicators and criteria related to the consideration of the quantitative and qualitative changes in the labor market in student preperation were reflected.

The originality and scientific novelty of the research - thematic analysis of the newly approved indicators and criteria has not been studied.

Keywords: higher education institution, internal quality assurance, labor market, accreditation, external quality assurance.




№4 - 2022


İlyasov Asiman Rasim oğlu