Application of motivational tools in the process of customs control

The purpose of the research is to prepare motivational tools for the effective activity of customs control managers, and to prepare suggestions and recommendations.

The methodology of the research – comparative analysis and systematic approach were used in the evaluation of the main directions of  effective activity motivation of the  customs control managers in Azerbaijan.

The practical importance of the research – the obtained results can be used to solve the theoretical and practical problems related to the motivational mechanisms of the effective activity of  customs control managers.

The results of the research – the preparation of suggestions and recommendations on the preparation of motivational tools for the effective activity of the customs control management staff.

The originality and scientific novelty of the research – the article analyzed the tools for the development of motivational tools for the effective activity of the management staff of the customs control in Azerbaijan, and made suggestions and recommendations regarding the optimization of the regulation in this field.

Keywords: motivation, customs officers, incentives, power potential, efficiency.




№4 - 2022


Alıyev Səddam Qüdrət oğlu