Main directions of socially responsible investment in the process of investing

The purpose of the research – is to increase the volume of more suitable investments using the principles of sustainability and stability during investments in the country and to analyze and evaluate the factors affecting socially responsible investments.

The methodology of the research – observation, comparison, analysis of the environment, social situation, economic-statistical research and other methods were used in writing the article, preparing new directions.

The practical importance of the research – is that the results obtained in the work and the proposed proposals can be used in the implementation of measures related to the acceleration of socio-economic development in Azerbaijan, raising the standard of living of the population, increasing the social responsibility of the investments made during the increase of employment in the country.

The results of the research – in the article, under the influence of the new trends occurring in the world during the process of globalization, the qualitative changes occurring in the investments made in various sectors of the economy are studied, and various recommendations are put forward.

The originality and scientific novelty of the research – it consists in reducing the effects of crises that may occur in the economy by effectively using the principles of social responsibility, sustainable development, in the investment that ensures economic growth in the country.

Keywords: socially responsible investments, environment, sustainable investment, corporate social responsibility.




№4 - 2022


Behbidali Valeh Novruzlu