Impact of hr competences on the efficiency of a company: on the example of Azer-baijanian companies

The purpose of the research is to measure the efficiency of the company's human resources competencies, personnel management strategy, modern management structure and its constituent elements.

The methodology of the research - systematic approach, analysis and generalization methods were used in the research work.

The practical importance of the research - the human resource management system in modern enterprises, regardless of the form of ownership, is a powerful tool for ensuring competitiveness and development, therefore, there is a constant need to increase the efficiency of this system, taking into account the requirements of the market economy.

The results of the research - the innovative process of human resources management can be evaluated as a set of management activities aimed at the formation and development of human resources necessary to implement the process of implementing the company's overall innovation strategy.

The originality and scientific novelty of the research - since the criteria for measuring the competence of human resources are not applied in companies, it shows that this topic is relevant.

Keywords: human resources, competence, innovation, personnel management, mana-gement, efficiency of competences.





№3 - 2022


Aygun Aga Sadikh Abdulova