Digital business models development directions in transport and logistics services in the Republic of Azerbaijan

The purpose of the research - is to study the business models of transport and logistics services in the country and determine the directions for their development.

The  methodology of the research - analysis and synthesis methods were used in the research.

The practical importance of the research - logistics services can fundamentally change the economy of the country as a whole in various sectors. Building on the successes of a number of countries, better use of digital business models is a key driver for creating a more competitive economy in a country, boosting economic growth and expanding businesses.

The results of the research - consist of developing recommendations for the formation of a digital business model environment to achieve the sustainable development of the transport industry in the country.

The originality and scientific novelty of the research-it refers to the acceleration of the regulatory measures implemented by the state regarding the stimulation of the deve-lopment of digital business models.

Keywords: digital activity, digital technology, business models, innovation, govern-ment regulation, stimulation.





№3 - 2022


Rəcəbli İlknur Rahib oğlu