The purpose of the research is to consider the theoretical and methodological aspects of managing innovation activities, as well as to develop scientifically based proposals and recom­mendations for the implementation of online payments for air transportation services in the civil aviation system.

The methodology of the research - during the study, general theoretical methods such as analysis and synthesis also summarizing scientific literature, theoretical modeling, and comparison methods were used. This article examines the advantages and economic benefits of online payment for civil aviation services by first providing an overview of online payment systems for these services, and then discussing their advantages and economic benefits.

The practical importance of the research - issues such as technological development, customer experience and airline economic performance related to the use of online payments were analyzed in detail. The practical significance of the work lies in the fact that results, proposals and recommendations obtained from its main provisions, can be used in the field of civil aviation, the organization of innovative activities of AZAL JSC, the assessment and selection of innovative projects, as well as the development of targeted government programs to stimulate the sustainable development of civil aviation to improve transportation efficiency.

The results of the research - the analysis carried out in the article showed that innovative development is manifested not only in strengthening the material and technical base of civil aviation through the commissioning of new models of comfortable and fast aircraft, but also in the use of modern aircraft. An important area of ​​innovation in the field of civil aviation is also the process of introducing new methods of paying for the cost of services to customers using various services of civil aviation companies. As with other electronic systems, there is no doubt that the introduction of online payment systems has contributed significantly to the growth and efficiency of civil aviation services.

The originality and scientific novelty of the research lies in the development of recommendations for improving civil aviation, which is one of the dynamically developing sectors of the economy of most countries, since it plays an important role in the formation of the modern economy. The international aviation system strengthens the relationships and processes of economic globalization. This sector of the economy, where billions of people use its services every year to travel to different destinations, needs increasingly innovative solutions as technology advances.

Keywords: civil aviation, online payments, economic efficiency, blockchain, security, transport.




№2 - 2024


Gulnara Telman Ahmedova

Rashad Gabil Mamedov