The purpose of the research - is to explore the significant role of universities in integrating Sustainable Development (SD) and fostering sustainable entrepreneurship within higher education. 

The methodology of the research is based on a detailed literature review and analysis of various models adopted by entrepreneurial universities. The study examines how these institutions are reorienting their educational, operational, and research frameworks towards sustainability in environmental, social, and economic dimensions. 

The practical importance of the research lies in its potential to guide universities in becoming more effective agents of societal transformation towards sustainability. By show­casing diverse models of integrating Sustainable Development (SD) and fostering sustainable entrepreneurship within higher education, the research provides actionable insights for acade­mic institutions.

The results of the research demonstrate that entrepreneurial universities engaging in sustainable development initiatives often adopt innovative models that integrate education, innovation, and collaboration to drive environmental stewardship and social well-being. These models, illustrated by case studies from leading institutions, demonstrate how universities can act as catalysts for sustainability, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship aimed at addressing environmental and societal challenges. 

The originality and scientific novelty of the research stem from its comprehensive exploration of how universities can serve as pivotal agents for societal transformation towards sustainability. Unlike traditional studies that may focus narrowly on environmental education or campus sustainability initiatives, this research delves into the entrepreneurial aspect of universities, showcasing how they integrate Sustainable Development (SD) across all facets of their operations, education, and community engagement. It brings to light innovative models of sustainability and entrepreneurship adopted by leading universities worldwide, illustrating a multifaceted approach that encompasses not just education and research but also operational practices and broader community engagement.

Keywords: sustainable development, entrepreneurial universities, higher education, sus­tainability education, sustainable entrepreneurship, environmental stewardship, innovation mo­dels, university case studies.




№1 - 2024


Gulshan Sadraddin Bayramova