Directions for improving the normative-legal basis of internal audit

The purpose of the research - is to provide suggestions for the purpose of studying, researching and improving the normative legal framework of internal audit and domestic requirements.

The methodology of the research - consists of methods such as synthesis, analysis and comparison.

The practical importance of the research - it can be used for the purpose of clarifying the nature, role, requirements of the legislation and improving normative legal documents for economic subjects.

The results of the research - in the conditions of the digital economy, the demand for the internal audit function is increasing day by day, for the effective use of resources and the proper establishment of the internal control system in order to achieve the set goals of the company. For this reason, the internal audit service must be constantly updated and improved to meet the demands of the day.

The originality and scientific novelty of the research -  the economic nature, role and regulation of internal audit were studied. For this purpose, the works of foreign and Azerbaijani economic scientists and authors, which include the results of the study of various problems of internal audit, were reviewed, the normative-legal basis was examined, and appropriate recommendations on additions and changes to the Law "On Internal Audit" related to internal audit were given, were put forward proposals on creating programs and methodical tools.

Keywords: internal audit, legislative acts, normative legal framework, internal audit standards, international audit standards.





№4 - 2022


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