The effect of using the regional industrial potential on the development of agro - tourism

The purpose of the research - in the conditions of market relations, it is necessary to ensure the development of agrotourism, which is one of the main areas of the non-oil sector, in the economic region "Gazakh-Tovuz", and to determine the directions of effective use of the existing industrial potential in the economic region.

The methodology of the research - based on a systematic and complex analysis, methodological approaches to the assessment of agrotourism resources and important principles of the world experience in this direction consist of scientific provisions given in the scientific works of various researchers.

The practical importance of the research - the results obtained in the research, the proposed proposals can be used in the improvement of tourism development and management mechanisms, in the preparation of measures for the development of agrotourism.

The results of the research - it is to assess the industrial potential for the development and formation of agrotourism, to prepare appropriate recommendations and proposals.

The originality and scientific novelty of the research - the existing potentials of agro­tourism in the "Kazakh-Tovuz" economic district are revealed, the potentials are evaluated based on the author's approaches to the problem. The article evaluates the economic district's trade and cate­ring activities, tourism services, the current state of banking services and their role in agro­tourism, and makes relevant proposals.

Keywords: agrotourism development, regional industrial potential, international agrotourism experience, non-oil sector in the regions.





№3 - 2022


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