Human capital as a means of creativity

The purpose of the research – consists of investigating the role of funds allocated to human capital in the realization of human creative potential and studying the effect of the measures that can be implemented for the development of human capital in territories freed from occupation.

The methodology of the research both general research methods and statistical, comparative analysis, and systematic approach were used to discover creative potential by increasing financial resources for human capital.

The practical importance of the research – the approaches reflected in the article, the obtained results can be used for the purpose of increasing the relevance of the funds spent on human capital and developing human capital in the territories freed from occupation.

The results of the research – in particular, the development of education, health care, high-tech industry in the regions that have just come out of the war, Azerbaijan becoming one of the countries with the highest development of human capital in the region, as well as proposals for human capital measures to reduce regional economic inequality have been put forward.

The originality and scientific novelty of the research – the role of human capital in the implementation of restoration works in the liberated territories and the integration of the economy of the mentioned region into the regional economy was studied and suggestions were made, as well as the possibility of applying a number of concessions to attract young personnel to the mentioned regions and increase their productivity was studied.

  Keywords: human capital; creative potential; welfare; health; level of education; technological innovations.





№3 - 2022


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