Production-export resources of Eastern Zangezur and Karabakh economic region and evaluation of their use

The purpose of the research - effective use of production-export resources in Eastern Zangezur and Karabakh economic region is analyzed and evaluated.

The methodology of the research - observation, comparison, dialectical approach, economic-statistical research and other methods were used in the writing of the article and justification of new directions.
The practical importance of the research - is that the results obtained in the work and the proposed proposals can be used in the implementation of measures related to the acceleration of socio-economic development in Azerbaijan and its regions, raising the standard of living of the population, and increasing employment in the country.
The results of the research - in the article, under the influence of the changes in the world economy in accordance with the processes of globalization, trends in the fields of economy, including the development of tourism, are studied in national states, and specific recommendations are put forward.
The originality and scientific novelty of the research - consists in increasing the economic power of the region by effectively using the production-export potential, which is the material basis of the economy.

Keywords: green economy, East-Zangezur, resources, economic zone, agriculture, domestic demand, world market, foreign market, social development, infrastructure, pro-vision, use, efficiency, export potential.





№3 - 2022


Əliyev Vüsal Oruc oğlu