Inclusive policy development of human capital

The purpose of the research – to investigate the inclusive policy of human capital development, to identify the technical and methodological difficulties associated with it.

The methodology of the research – methods of comparative analysis, synthesis, and generalization were used in the research work, taking into account modern challenges.

The practical importance of the research – the obtained results, proposals and recommendations can be used in the development of strategies and state programs in the field of human capital improvement and improvement of its use.

The results of the research – based on world experience, it can be noted that in modern conditions, the development of each country is closely related to human capital. From this point of view, the obtained result is aimed at increasing the economic efficiency of the use of human capital.

The originality and scientific novelty of the research – in the research work, the nature of inclusive policy in our modern world was fundamentally investigated, the inclusion of human capital was systematically analyzed and the strategic importance of its presence in the conditions of modern economic development was substantiated.

Keywords: human capital, measurement of human capital, social welfare, concept of social capital, inclusive policy.





№3 - 2022


Mədətov Mansur Akif oğlu