The purpose of the research is to clarify the directions of development of the food industry in different regions of the country. 

The methodology of the research - the research work is done based on the existing theoretical and methodological basis. 

The practical importance of the research - the results of the study can serve as a theoretical basis for future research on the problem. 

The results of the research - the characteristic features of the food industry of Azerbaijan were analyzed in the research work, and information about the volume and types of products produced by the food industry of the regions was reflected. 

The originality and scientific novelty of the research is revealed in the following provisions: 1. The optimal location of agricultural production in the country is of great importance in the direction of increasing the resource potential of economic regions; 2. In the development of the food industry in the regions, the implementation of state support in the further improvement of the supply of the population with the main food industry products, the increase of investment potential in them, the creation and development of modern and high-tech food industry enterprises are very important and have an irreplaceable role.

Keywords: Azerbaijan, economic regions, food industry, food industry complexes.




№2 - 2024


Vugar Agamurad Muradov

Parviz Haji Mammadov