The purpose of the research - innovative activity in agriculture is the creation or improvement of new agricultural products, and the provision of consistent measures for the development of technologies and management systems based on the use of scientific research works or production experience. Differentiation of innovative activity in Azerbaijani agriculture by its characteristics requires conducting new research works.

The methodology of the research - economic methods such as analysis, comparison, observation, and statistical analysis were used in the research work.

The practical importance of the research - the proposals and recommendations given as a result of the analyses carried out in the article can be used to ensure and plan the development of farms' own production based on innovative technologies, and to prepare innovation projects in agriculture.

The results of the research - the processes described in the article can help increase the competitiveness of agriculture and investment attractiveness. This is the reason for the relevance of research in this field.

The originality and scientific novelty of the research - ensuring the efficiency of industrial development is one of the strategically important areas of the national economy, and the insurance level of the food security of the state depends on the pace of development of the application of innovative technologies in agriculture. In the course of the research, the factors hindering the innovative development of the agricultural sector and the main features and elements of the innovation process were determined.

Keywords: agrarian field, innovative, development, intensive gardens, efficiency, small peasant household.




№3 - 2023


Akram Niyazi Hasanzade