In the modern era, one of the methods for solving the problems of access to finance for agricultural producers is to expand the coverage of agricultural producers by agricultural insurance, opening up opportunities for improving the agricultural insurance system. The present article explores the relevant issues. At first, the place and role of insurance in facilitating the access of agricultural producers to financing is noted. The issues of innovative activity and its economic feasibility in the system of agricultural insurance have been studied. From the point of view of facilitating access in financing innovative agricultural production, the requirements for the insurance system are interpreted. The possibilities of a creative approach to the client in the insurance market are identified and the directions for their implementation are indicated.

The purpose of the research - is to study directions for improving the system of agricultural insurance.

The methodology of the research - the study used economic-statistical and analytical methods.

The practical importance of the research - agricultural producers, entrepreneurs and households can circumvent the risks by taking advantage of the insurance system.

The results of the research  -  directions for improving the agricultural insurance system should be determined; in the conditions of innovative development, special attention should be paid to the issues of state regulation of the insurance market.

The originality and scientific novelty of the research -  the ways of improving the system of agricultural insurance in Azerbaijan have been studied.

Keywords: insurance, agricultural, access to finance, investment, manufacturer, innovations, digital technologies, regulation.




№2 - 2023


Ulker Shahin Mammadova